Limitless Festival Payment Plan

Terms & Conditions

1. Failure to settle the full quoted balance on/before August 4th 2017 will result in the delegate being unable to attend Limitless Festival 2017. 

2a. The deposit of £25 per young person to be paid by March 31st will be deducted from your final balance immediately. 

2b. Deposits will not be received after March 31st, and therefore anyone wishing to enter     a payment plan for Limitless Festival after March 31t will be unable to.

2c. The deposit of £25 per young person is non-refundable. 

2d. Refunds of payments made toward the final balance can be made.                 

(Please note that section 2b and 2c still remain applicable)

3. Whilst we recommend paying the remaining balance at a rate of £15 per young person a month, you are free to pay more or less. (Please be aware of T&C’s 1 if paying less than the recommended amount.

4. Statements will be sent by post at the end of each month detailing payments received and balance due.

5. Whilst Christian Life Centre takes responsibility to inform you of your payments and remaining balance month by month, we do not take responsibility of reminding you to make a payment. 

6. Payments can be made three ways: 

  • Standing Order (forms are attached), please use ‘LIMITLESS2017’ as your payment reference; 
  • Cheques Payable to ‘Christian Life Centre’ (cheques to be brought to/ or sent to our church offices Christian Life Centre, 2-6 Frederick Rd., Selly Oak, B29 6PB);
  • Cash (Cash Payments to be given to Alison Griffin or Tim O’Leary).