A Prayer Tool 

Below is a tool you can use when praying. To help you remember, it's an acronym that spells out the word ACTS. Each section has a different emphasis to help you pray with focus. So, scroll through it and take some time today to pray. 



The acronym begins with Adoration. Here we begin by worshipping God for who He is. 
To help you, you might find it helpful to read some of the following Scriptures: 



Next up is confession. This can be a slightly uncomfortable thing to do, as we confess to God where we've gone wrong. But be sure that you're met with love, for you are not condemned .

To Help you, you might find it helpful to use the words written in these Scriptures as your prayer:



Next up is a time spent being thankful for the stuff that God has put in your life. This might be anything from family to provision. Or it could simply be that today you're breathing. You might find it helpful to grab a pen and paper, or create a new note on your phone, and create a list of all the things that you can be thankful for. 



Supplication is a bit of a fancy word meaning 'to ask'. God wants us to ask him for help. He wants us to turn to him in our time of need. Sometimes we're afraid to ask because we think that God doesn't listen to us. Equally, we give up asking because we think God's not in the business of answering our prayers.  But as I always told my Mum when I asked for another £10 to go to the cinema, "if you don't ask, you don't get." 

So why not finish this time of prayer by thinking of the needs you have. Think of some of your friend's needs. Or maybe your family, what do they need today? Ask God to supply answers to those needs.