Operation Life House Update – 12th August 2019


Operation Life House is to regenerate and repurpose all our buildings to enable us to expand the capacity and range of services we can offer our community. We have a proven track record of serving the community for over 15 years but needs are increasing and becoming more complex. Our response is to create a more holistic approach through a health a well-being centre which will include all our current services and more. We hope to add an Accredited Benefits Advisor as well as a Counselling Centre. We have realised we could serve our clients better if for example we not only gave food but had the facility to address their emotional needs too. We want to give our clients tailor made support to step up into a new season on their journey. To read some of our client stories click here. We know we are not alone, but we believe with your help, we can strengthen community together. For more information please visit our website.

Step One

Our first step was to make the most of the resources we had. In 2017 we acquired 916 and 918 Bristol Rd but had not utilised the space they provided. In response to concerns expressed by our neighbours we undertook to landscape the land and secure the boundary with a new fence. A fence has been erected, new grass seeded and the land around 916 made tidy and safe for our children who use 916. 918 has been temporarily been rented on a 12 month contract. In the process we were also able to deal with an ongoing problem that meant gardens along the Bristol Rd flooded periodically. This meant some quite extensive grounds work. This cost approximately £35k.

Step Two

Apply for planning permission to start a Nursery and Out of School Club in 916. We know there is a huge need for places locally and if successful will provide a necessary revenue stream to expand the services we offer from the Life House. Initial planning permission was not granted but we are working towards a solution with local planners and architects.


Step Three

The work we do with young people has doubled over the last year and we urgently need more space. We run a regular drop in lounge but our kitchens are in need of serious renovations and our facilities to house our food and clothe banks are too small and have poor access limiting the clients we can help. We urgently need to raise £25,000 to enable us to appoint an architect to take the initial scheme of works for the regeneration of Frederick Road to where the work can be put up for tender and a contractor appointed. Subject to funding and planning permissions, our hope is to be in the position to start work spring 2020 to be completed by Christmas 2020.


This is just the beginning of our journey. There are many more steps to our journey and the total cost of this project is expected to be £2.5million. If you would like to donate to Operation Life House please click below.

For more information about the Life House Project please visit our website.