Operation Life House:

The Regeneration Project

After 15 years of serving our community through many projects including a food bank, clothes bank, drop-in and school uniforms appeal, our facilities are in desperate need of capital investment.  Operation Life House : The Regeneration Project is the name of our fundraising campaign through which we need to raise £2.5million if we are to continue to effectively facilitate the current programme of community activities.  Over the past 15 years through time and money Christian Life Church has invested in the region of £3million into the local economy but now we need to re-purpose and re-imagine our facilities so we can expand the effectiveness and variety of ways we serve our local community.  You can read Our Story So Far here.


Operation Life House Leaflet

Being in the Bournville and Cotteridge Council ward we have been inspired by George Cadbury who, prompted by his Christian beliefs, sort to look after the health and well-being of his work force.  George believed a happy and healthy workforce was a productive work force.  We want to consider how we too can promote health and well-being by providing services to encourage emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual well-being.  You can read George Cadbury’s Suggested Rules for Health given to the early residents in 1890 here

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George Cadbury Suggested Rules of Health

The Life House

The Life House is a health and wellbeing community centre. To find out more about The Life House and the community activities it does, please visit The Life House website.


Get Involved

There are many different ways you can get involved with Operation Life House : The Regeneration Project. You’re able to help raise funds by doing fundraising activities. This could be doing a sponsored walk or run… selling home made cakes to family, friends or colleagues… or any other creative ways.

Let us know what fundraising activity you are doing to support Operation Life House: The Regeneration Project.